Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Yo Gabba Birthday

My son turned two in June, and I had planned a fun Yo Gabba Gabba-themed party with awesome handmade decorations and a big awesome Plex cake.

Something happened the week before his party though, which I'll talk about later, and I was sidetracked and unable to make the decorations or the dream cake. I settled with a yellow tablecloth, a smaller cake and I drew the game the kids played with a dry-erase marker on the front of my washing machine. *shakes head*

My son may not have had the perfect themed 2nd birthday party but he and his friends had a ton of fun, and no one seemed to mind the lack of construction paper Brobees or Munos. :)

We played Pin the Antenna on Plex! The kids made antennas by coloring short Popsicle sticks and gluing glittery pom-poms to the top.

And they "pinned" them to my impromptu dry-erase art. The kids were totally cute and luckily too young to judge me!
The won stickers, bubbles and slinkies for doing such a good job.

I made a chocolate-banana cake that ended up smaller than my original plan, so I had to compromise Plex's actual features- but that didn't make him any less yummy.

Lesson learned: make decorations and plan cake two to three weeks in advance.

In this photo, I am showing my son the artwork I made for him.
Once I add the jellyfish, it's going up on the wall over his new big-kid bed, which he's getting this weekend. It says "Everything you want to be/ I can't wait to see you be," which is from the matt pond PA song "Everything Until the East Coast Ends," from the 2007 If You Want Blood EP.

Close-up of the finished version coming soon.

Happy happy birthday to my sweet, awesome son- I can't even explain how excited I am that I get to spend my life being his mom.

gardening update

I started my garden almost three months ago now, and we've been enjoying some homegrown peas for the past week or so.
They are sweet and snappy and perfect.

I've had some mishaps in gardening though, which I expected since this was my first garden and our weather has been very strange this year. Because of the weather and uncontrollable indoor climates, the seeds I started indoors failed twice, so that leaves me with no tomatoes, peppers, carrots or spinach this year. I also learned to plant my pea seeds further apart, which I'll keep in mind when I plant for a fall harvest. In the garden, the cucumbers and lettuce are taunting me with nothingness.

The broccoli, summer squash and cantaloupe seem to be thriving, though, so that's a good thing.

I can't wait to find new vegetables waiting for me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July already

It's been nearly two months since I last updated; my apologies for such a delay. Life has been throwing a good deal of distractions at me (both good and bad ones), such as migraines, swimming, a death in the family, a weekend trip to Brooklyn, my ability to concentrate again on reading novels, gardening, bike theft, my son's second birthday and the party associated with such an occasion, his blossoming vocabulary and conversation skills and a great need for housecleaning.

I need to get back on track in order to whip my Etsy shop back into shape and start making art a habit again. I did start making a collage for my son for his birthday, which is almost finished. As soon as it's done you'll be able to see it here. My mind is brimming with ideas for new work, and I'll be cracking down soon in order to share it.

More posts and pictures to come soon! Thanks for checking back in after all this time!