Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July already

It's been nearly two months since I last updated; my apologies for such a delay. Life has been throwing a good deal of distractions at me (both good and bad ones), such as migraines, swimming, a death in the family, a weekend trip to Brooklyn, my ability to concentrate again on reading novels, gardening, bike theft, my son's second birthday and the party associated with such an occasion, his blossoming vocabulary and conversation skills and a great need for housecleaning.

I need to get back on track in order to whip my Etsy shop back into shape and start making art a habit again. I did start making a collage for my son for his birthday, which is almost finished. As soon as it's done you'll be able to see it here. My mind is brimming with ideas for new work, and I'll be cracking down soon in order to share it.

More posts and pictures to come soon! Thanks for checking back in after all this time!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Sweetie. Missed reading your entertaining stories and seeing your beautiful photography as well as new art work. It has been a rough few months. Again, welcome back!

Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo