Monday, April 27, 2009

grow your grass in bottlecaps

I almost didn't ask because I was sure the answer would be no. My heart ached at what might be, so I asked anyway, just in case. Much to my surprise! My delight! The answer was yes- my landlords are letting me grow a vegetable garden!

I started digging up the grass this past Friday and have spent the three evenings since trying to expand. It's slow-going. But after I laid out my perimeter and shoveled up my first chunk of soil, I breathed in the earthy smell and wanted to lay down in it.

My son, who will be two years old soon, has been very interested in my outdoor activities, mostly the bugs and worms I am finding underground. He doesn't like to touch them but he will stay near me and crouch down when he knows I have found a little wiggly treasure. He uses sticks he finds in the yard to poke around in the dirt I'm loosening, and he picks up little roots and clumps of soil, tossing them into the pile where I collect the grass I'm removing.




Yesterday I planted the pea seeds and I CANNOT WAIT to pick my sweet sugar snap peas! I started the tomato seeds in an egg carton in the kitchen, and have to do the same for my peppers soon. Once I get more of the soil cleared I'll add my rows of different seeds- broccoli, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, squashes, cantaloupe, radishes, carrots and more. Always more.

I've wanted to plant a garden for years now but I've been in apartments since I was twenty and I haven't had adequate yard space. In our current apartment we're lucky to have a really generous yard to enjoy and for our son to run around in- and there's more than enough room for one small household's garden. Because this is something I have been anticipating for so long, I am incredibly excited but also really nervous. I know I'll be crushed if my garden fails. BUT if it doesn't, I know that eating what I have grown myself is going to be unbelievably satisfying. I'm probably going to be giggling the first time I prepare it and serve it to my family.

As I've been getting into the dirt I've been finding little surprises, like a cracked acorn with a thick white sprout reaching for the sunshine. I felt bad about uprooting it at first but then remembered if I hadn't done it, the lawnmower would have done it in eventually. Today I found a rusty cap from a beer bottle, with roots coiled up neatly inside of it. If I were only as tall as the grass I would build my home just under the roots, where tiny gifts hide forgotten.

I probably have the day off tomorrow from the garden as we're expecting thunderstorms (and 85 degrees- I can't believe this April weather!) and I hope to report in a couple months of my first crop.

Cross your fingers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

If you live a love, live it like your last.

In Texas, I worked in a bookstore with a wonderful woman named Stephanie. Then I moved to Maine and she moved to New York. She commissioned me to create custom artwork to adorn her new bedroom walls.


"I fell running through the fields and you fell with me," is from the 2007 matt pond PA song "If You Live." (The lyrics are protected under copyright and are used with permission. Thanks, Matt.) Papers (tissue, magazine print and sketchbook), ink and decoupage glue on 14"x17" canvas.

Stephanie- I hope you like it.

xoxo Courtney Quiet City

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Art

Just in time for the upcoming Captive Elements show, I completed two new works.

This is "Spring Fawn"
Acrylic paint, paper and aluminum foil on 11"x14" canvas.

Closeup of the pussy willows:

This entire piece was built around my random urge to make tin foil pussy willows, and it's too beautiful outside lately not to honor spring in art.

The second piece I finished is actually a commissioned work for a dear friend, and I'll post photos of it after I ship it to her. But first, it will be on display at this weekend's art show.

Come to the art show if you're in the area!
Sunday, April 19 from 5-9 pm
at Holly's Own Deli and Restaurant
84 Court Street (corner of the intersection at Court and Mechanincs Row/ Turner Street) in Auburn, Maine

Live music will be performed by Mike Krapovicky, and the bar will be open to complement Holly's free hors d'oeurves. The University of Southern Maine Leadership Program will be present, hosting a silent auction to benefit their campaign to Costa Rica.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Things

Here's a small collection of some beautiful Etsy finds that sparkle of spring. Happy April!

First Bloom ring by The Ardent Sparrow

Meadows Beauty Ponytail Holder set by Baubles-n-Bows

Urban Baby Bonnet in green Alexander Henry designer fabric by The Urban Baby Bonnet

Two Spring Lambs linocut greeting cards by Anthea Art

Vintage Linen Embroidered Flax Linen Heel from Dear Golden


*All of the photos and their rights belong to the individual shop owners.*