Saturday, November 22, 2008


Headache all week- I would say headaches but I am pretty sure it was the same monster in my skull for five days in a row, roaring and raging and making my eyes blur. I have a lot of work to do today to catch up. A lot of sewing, a lot of decoupaging. I have in my mind merry images of five or so completed ornaments by the end of the day but I know that might be pushing it.

I also have some work to do for the art show I am doing at Captive Elements in three weeks, a custom order for my friend Stephanie, and my son's Christmas gift. Lesson learned: start on Christmas stuff in April.

I found out about the Holiday Art Sale by MECA and SEA, and I am really excited about it. Once I stop hiding under the covers, shivering, pretending we aren't having Thanksgiving at my house this year and I don't really have all. that. cleaning. to do, I'll be very ready for a wonderful handmade arts and crafts event. If you live in Maine, or plan to be around Portland for the first week of December, this is surely an event that will be well worth your time.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Pears have joined apples in the shop! Take a look.



Sunday, November 16, 2008

sweet and sour apple

I've been working on a new ornament design, and last night I was downright giddy about it. After an encouraging test run I had a "THIS IS IT" run, and it's up in the shop now.

It's a Sweet & Sour Apple double-sided tree ornament! Stitched entirely by hand. Oh yeah, entirely. As in, my eyes and hands hurt so I don't know how many of these will be available. :)



This is the easy part.
It's sewing the felt back-to-back over the batting that's tricky and ever time consuming.

And as you can see by my templates, a pear design is also in the works!

xoxo Courtney

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not French Enough

I have a new piece of art available in the shop tonight.


I am work, work, working.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

colors of rust

Yesterday the low clouds and misty air were whispering sweet secret songs to me so after the craft fair I went home for my camera and headed back out to the towns where I spent most of my childhood.

It's a delicate thing, taking photographs where people are passing, likely wondering why there's a girl standing on the side of the road with her camera pointed skyward. More delicate still is wondering if that house is occupied- it doesn't look so- and wanting to stop and aim the camera at the sagging roof, half-existent barn, and rusty bicycles, but not wanting to intrude.

And standing in the quiet of a warm, wet November day, leaves falling soundlessly around my boots, the damp making my hair wonder if it was born to be curly (it wasn't). The trees stand, black silhouettes against the heavy gray sky and I expected at any moment for a deer to step softly from the woods and look me in the eye. Not wanting to intrude.

A barn in Turner, Maine:

On the right side of this stream is the very wooded yard that was mine from 4th until 8th grade. I played at its edge with my brother:

It feeds into the northwest edge of Allen Pond.

This is the railroad that passes through Greene, heading into Lewiston:

We're in this stage between fall and winter where the trees are all bare, black and gray, and the ground is shades of tan and brown and hay. When you squint on a cloudy day, it's nearly all one color, and I never thought it attractive before. Not until yesterday. November has its own way of being vibrant; it's just being quiet about it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

this season's tree ornaments

You can get a closer look at this Marcel Proust tree ornament and others NOW in my shop!


Good thing Adam put the little tree up because there was a constant mist or drizzle in the air today, and I could not have photographed my ornaments in the dewy bushes outside. The plastic tree by the window had to do.

I also went on an impromptu tour of the town where my high school is, finding places in the fog to take pictures. I'll post some of those soon.


Friday, November 7, 2008


With the clocks turned back last weekend I am still in an adjustment period about the amount of daylight we have. It's been warm here, warmer than usual, and wet. The clouds are low and wispy, and chunky and heavy. All at once. The light is different in so many ways, even at noontime.

I neglected to get outside in natural light with my camera before the early darkness crept in, so I couldn't photograph my ornaments yet (but I did dry the laundry and bought toilet cleaner and lottery tickets, so at least there's that).

My husband did set up our little Christmas tree in my studio though so that in case the light keeps slipping away from me, I'll have a nice spot for photos. I'll just have to turn on all of the lights in the room, maybe. There's four of them. We rent, so don't ask me why there's that many.

I'm excited to share though, and to list them in the shop.

Tomorrow I am going to the annual craft fair at the high school I graduated from. I don't think I've attended it in at least ten years, even though I went nearly every year before that because my grandparents always had a table in the gym. I hope the music boosters still keep a table there too. As an alumni of the school's extracurricular music program and recipient of a scholarship upon graduation, I have a special place for the music boosters in my heart.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

O for Obama


When I saw this pop up in the corner of the TV screen at 11 pm on Tuesday night... I was finally able to let out the breath I have been holding.

It's good to breathe again. I can't wait until January.

I don't have a subject title.

I know, it's boring with a capital B around here lately. I am currently drying the first layers on my new tree ornaments, and they'll be ready to show you by tonight or tomorrow. They'll be heading straight to the shop when that happens.

Also, I have the opportunity to do the December show at Captive Elements, and I am really excited about that and also nervous because ...I have a lot of catching up to do to get ready for a show. Yikes! I'm up for it though and it's just the push I need.

xoxo Courtney