Monday, August 16, 2010


It's summer, so I've spent a lot of time outdoors. I did a little running and bicycling before it got hot and humid, and I take a lot of walks with my son to fill these long, bright days. On the weekends my husband and I pack up for our small-family trips to the beach or we'll go on a local hike. Picnics on the lawn are quite common. My son and I planted a beautiful garden that is producing tons of grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas, red lettuce, zucchinis and summer squashes.

Outdoors is just where I like to be, and that's been reflecting in my recent artwork. (I've also been listening to the new matt pond PA album, The Dark Leaves, and Frightened Rabbit's Winter of Mixed Drinks. Everything sounds like the forest and oceans.)

Here is one of the pieces I hung at Verbena over the weekend:


"WILD" is acrylic paint, ink drawings on magazines and a paper grocery bag, plus sealants on 8"x16" canvas. See it in person at Verbena between now and October 15- it's located at 103 Ocean Street in South Portland, Maine. (You'll also find really delicious food and coffee there as well as Mandy, one of the cutest baristas you'll ever see.)

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