Friday, November 7, 2008


With the clocks turned back last weekend I am still in an adjustment period about the amount of daylight we have. It's been warm here, warmer than usual, and wet. The clouds are low and wispy, and chunky and heavy. All at once. The light is different in so many ways, even at noontime.

I neglected to get outside in natural light with my camera before the early darkness crept in, so I couldn't photograph my ornaments yet (but I did dry the laundry and bought toilet cleaner and lottery tickets, so at least there's that).

My husband did set up our little Christmas tree in my studio though so that in case the light keeps slipping away from me, I'll have a nice spot for photos. I'll just have to turn on all of the lights in the room, maybe. There's four of them. We rent, so don't ask me why there's that many.

I'm excited to share though, and to list them in the shop.

Tomorrow I am going to the annual craft fair at the high school I graduated from. I don't think I've attended it in at least ten years, even though I went nearly every year before that because my grandparents always had a table in the gym. I hope the music boosters still keep a table there too. As an alumni of the school's extracurricular music program and recipient of a scholarship upon graduation, I have a special place for the music boosters in my heart.

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Nicole said...

Enjoy your trip to the crafts fair.