Friday, August 13, 2010


Oh my!

Seven and a half months with no updates. This is partially due to the fact I forgot my login to Blogger until it popped into my head tonight, and also because I've not completed a whole lot of work until recently.


I hope someone, anyone, still reads this. :)

I am pleased to inform you that I am actively working on new projects. On Sunday I will be installing some of my mixed media pieces at Verbena in South Portland, Maine! My artwork will live there near beautiful Casco Bay for two months.

Coming up on August 28 is the 3rd annual Picnic Music + Arts Festival in Portland. Ahhhh, I am so excited! I was a vendor last year and I feel like I learned a lot- mostly, what to do differently and BETTER- and I am really looking forward to sharing new work with the people who wander over to my booth.

You can view what I've been working on here. Happy mid-August to you and yours!


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Najla said...

I find your posts like a breath of fresh air. Like have been outside on a spring morning. :-) Welcome back! xo