Monday, February 16, 2009


For the upcoming Captive Elements anniversary art show, I'm thinking of enlarging and framing two of my postcard designs. I am already kind of sure which ones I'll use but I wanted some feedback from people who aren't so close to the project like I am. I have favorites but I also know each. and every. flaw.

There are ten designs. Please choose your favorite two and tell me which they are in a comment on this post. Keep in mind, choose not just what you think looks good but what you might also seriously consider putting up on your wall.

*Ok, I just spent a really long time struggling with image sizes to fit this blog and I don't know. No luck. Because I can't post the images here, please just click this link (or the titles listed below) and look through the designs there. (Sorry!)

The choices are:
1. Giving It All Away
2. Grave's Disease
3. Last Song
4. Locate the Pieces
5. Measure 1
6. Measure 3
7. New Hampshire
8. Promise the Bite
9. The Butcher
10. The Moviegoer

If you've taken the time and given your opinion (THIS IS OPEN TO EVERYONE), thank you very much! :)
xoxo Courtney Quiet City


free said...

7. New Hampshire
8. Promise the Bite

Momma2Izzy said...

Ok, I can tell you without a doubt...

-Collage Postcard- Measure 1

-Promise the bite

When I 1st looked at your artwork awhile back, these 2 were my faves. Of course, I love everything you made, but these 2 just stuck out more.

Mom said...

Promise the Bite
Locate the Pieces
Measure 1

I know you said 2, but it was hard to do that. I love them all. I love you.

Audrey said...

I like:
Locate the Pieces &
Promise the Bite

Ilena said...

New Hampshire
Locate the PIeces

I enjoyed looking at your work ~ thanks.

Ilena said...

I had to leave another comment. Glad to see my mom isn't the only one to leave gushy comments on their "kids" blogs. moms.

Quiet City said...

Haha, Ilena! Isn't it wonderful? :)

Thank you all for your opinions so far- keep them coming!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

OK this is hard as I like 3 of them

Measure 3
Giving it all away

Promise the bite is beautiful too!

Oh man I'm so no help! You can't enlarge them all?!?

Allie said...

It is a hard choice, but my two favorites are

- Locate the Pieces

-Graves Disease
and a very close third (can I pick three?)

- Promise the Bite

I love your work!

Naheed said...

Graves Disease
Promise the Bite

But they're all beautiful!

Rebecca said...

I think they are all amazing but if I had to choose my 2 favorites ...

Locate the Pieces

Catiedid said...

My 2 picks are:
-- New Hampshire (my fav!)
-- Promise the Bite

You're fabulous!

Audreee said...

New Hampshire
Locate the Pieces

Nicole said...

2. Grave's Diesease
8. Promise the Bite

Have fun choosing. They are all great.

EthansMommy said...

I Love the birds that want to leave and the I've been Dreaming ones. That said, I think they ate all awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Courtney - It's Abby. I can't remember my login info for Blogger lol!!
My faves are:
Promise the Bite
Giving it all away

I think they would make the best large scale wall hangings. You should totally do it. I would probably buy one (or both).