Sunday, June 29, 2008

Locate the Pieces

My latest postcard design is for the matt pond PA song "Locate the Pieces," from 2007's Last Light. With the exception of the porch railing, I illustrated and cut out all of the other pieces. It still managed to be less time-consuming than the previous three postcards, if you don't count the break I granted myself for the hour-long nap I took after my veggie burger dinner, and wading through the foggy head I had when I woke up at 9 pm. Anyway.

As with the birds from the Giving It All Away postcard, I like the look of drawing an image in black pen or Sharpie and x-acto knifing around it, leaving a border of the original page.



"The hardest part is trying to hold on." Words by Matthew Pond, copyright 2007 matt pond PA. Paper and ink collage by Courtney, copyright 2008 Quiet City.

It feels sad/hopeful and summery to me- the summers of summers past- innocence like feet flattening grass at night, catching lightning bugs in jars and hoping they're still there and glowing in the morning- and the crushingness of reaching for someone's hand, only for them to pull away. Literally or figuratively.

(Crushingness is officially a word now, right?)

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