Monday, June 30, 2008

postcard #5

The first matt pond PA song I ever heard was "Measure 3," from The Green Fury. I remember it. It was December of 2003, right before Christmas and at that time I had a white 1991 VW Passat named Cecelia. She was beautiful and she had a tape deck. It was my 22nd birthday and I was wearing a long sleeve powder blue shirt. Adam was working so I drove north from Portland for an hour and spent the afternoon at my parents' house. They bought me a slice of strawberry cheesecake for my birthday. When I left their place I drove the few miles of back roads to my best friend Laura's house. Amanda and Mandy were there too. They all gave me wonderful hugs (they are my favorite huggers) and we sat in the kitchen. One of my gifts from Laura was a mix tape. The first song was by matt pond PA. I listened to it on the way home. I put it in while I was still in her driveway and after listening to the song once, I rewound it and listened to it again. I was hooked. And here I am.

(I just want to note that while I can remember all these things about my birthday four and a half years ago... there are far more important things that are always slipping away from me. Math equations. Details about being in labor. Names of streets I used to know like the back of my hand. The middle names of my friends. Remembering to return phone calls. When The Office plays in syndication on TBS.)

I made a "Measure 3" postcard this evening. I'm not going to lie; I really like it. And I like it when I can surprise myself. Although it kind of made itself.

I'm not sure which photograph I took of it looks better so here's both. I need a scanner. Yes I do.



"So we know more now than we'll ever know and we're holding back so we won't explode." Words by Matthew Pond, copyright 2002 matt pond PA. Paper and ink collage by Courtney, copyright 2008 Quiet City.

Can I just say- I like it when I envision it one way and then it turns out differently, but better.

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Stepherz said...

So creative and original-- I love it! I think sending postcards is such a sweet way to say hello to someone you care about. People (I'm guilty too) don't do that as much anymore. Maybe we would if you get more of these uber cute, crafty cards out there for us!

Thanks for visiting! I love making new crafty, bloggy, cutesy friends.