Saturday, August 16, 2008

Promise the Bite

Over four years ago I had this dream about a tree up on a hill that was set against a backdrop of green and golden sky. I used to keep a dream journal (recording things that sometimes didn't even make sense but just writing down whatever I remembered), and this is how I documented the dream:

"Adam and I were in the countryside to take photographs. He woke me up so I could take a picture of the sunset- the greenish horizon, the blue above, the silhouettes of him and trees. But no! The sky became golden. I had lost time- it was actually the sunrise. I looked through the camera at everything, which was richer and more beautiful than usual. We went into the abandoned house so we could take pictures of the outdoors through the windows... I saw stars even though the sun was coming up and I wished for a house as big as the empty one we were standing in, with such a breathtaking view. I want to see all the empty houses with pretty views and put rocking chairs in all the windows facing east and west. East and west are the same. Boards creaking."

It's interesting looking back on that because when I think of that dream now, what is most vivid in my mind is the tree but when I wrote it down I was more taken by the sky.

For my latest postcard I drew inspiration more from that dream than the music. I chose the song "Promise the Bite," as it's one of my favorites (ok, I have a lot of favorites, I can't help myself), and, out of context, fits the remembered image of that dream. I made sure to include the golden sunrise and the green of the sunset all in the same landscape, and of course the old leafless tree on the hill. I often think of this dream, and that tree, and I am happy to combine it with this dreamy song.

"I've been dreaming. Surprise, surprise, surprise." From the song "Promise the Bite" from 2002's The Green Fury. Words by Matthew Pond, copyright 2002 matt pond PA. Artwork (paper and ink collage) by Courtney, copyright 2008 Quiet City.

It took a few hours to cut all those circles, and I have several extras, which I am sure will end up on another project because I like how they look when layered. I can't wait to see this postcard as a finished product, all printed and neatly trimmed and ready to arrive in someone's mailbox.


Bridget said...

What a beautiful dream...I love the postcard too! You are very talented!

nicole said...

This card turned out great. I love it, my mailbox would love it, too! LOL