Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sweetnesses of September

September is my favorite month. I know I use the word favorite a lot, but please know it still means something when I say it. Sure, I have maybe three or so other favorite months as well, but September is magical. It's the beginning of fall, the marching band season (be still, my heart!), apple and pumpkin seasons, sweater weather, and leaves changing. October might be my second-favorite, for its extension of these things.

I'm on my way again in Quiet City. I had the labels for artist information printed today (Boooo, Staples! Yayyyy, Kinko's!) and I started measuring and cutting them tonight. It's a lot of work. My back hurts from hunching over my paper cutter. I also made my decision about packaging for the postcard sets (It was right under my nose the whole time!) so now that the labels are done, I can start setting those up.

Next step? Money and bank things I'll take care of early Tuesday. Then.... dun, dun, dun!.... I open up shop. I know, it's taken forever.

I want to make it worth this wait.

There's a contest or two coming up real soon. Please keep checking back! Please tell all your friends!


nicole said...

Check out my blog and you will find something there for YOU!

malisa said...

Be sure to post on myspace when the store opens, when you're d-u-n dun!

I can't wait to order :)