Friday, October 17, 2008

change of plans-ish


I didn't actually work on the plaques this afternoon. After I ran to the post office and back I got another batch of labels cut for my postcards. Instead of doing them all at once I am doing them in advance as needed... there are way too many cards to do them all at once. I needed some more today because there are two sellers on Etsy who requested my postcards to add to their promo bags for the different events they are selling at this season, like craft fairs and roller derbies. They are located in Pennsylvania and California so this is a great opportunity for me to be marketing elsewhere.

I will work on the plaques early this coming week. I have ideas a-brewing. Tentatively, I am planning on making the drive up and over to Bethel on Monday. As I mentioned in my last post, I am missing that town and more importantly, the home where my grandparents used to live. I just want to go there and stand in the house, and maybe take a walk up and down their quiet little side street like I used to as a kid. Even though my son won't remember the trip, I want for him to be in that house before it no longer belongs to my family- I don't know when that will be. Make sense? And this time I will remember to bring my camera. With charged up batteries. Because it's going to be a gorgeous drive.

Please take a look at Crafty Eye Candy, where my postcards are featured today. I know, right? I thought "Holy cow!" too, when I saw it. Thanks, Traysea!


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Anonymous said...

Aww! You have a fellow Matt Pond PA pal. I'm still so happy we went to that concert all together. That was a great experience. Your postcards are so lovely, I'm glad they're going to get more exposure. Much love, Stephanie