Saturday, October 11, 2008

Holiday Weekend! (means Freebies!)

**EDIT: Sorry, the freebie weekend is over!***

Well if Columbus Day is good for something, it's a day off from school or work (unless you work in retail). And you know what that long weekend means? COLUMBUS DAY SALES!

From today, Saturday, October 11 until Tuesday, October 14, when you purchase one or more of the postcards from my shop, you'll receive one more Quiet City postcard of my choosing plus TWO more pieces of sweet stationery (postcard and/or note card) from my personal collection. (I am a stationery fanatic, and I have A LOT of it. I have worked in the gift shop of an art museum and a half-price bookstore so I have had temptation everywhere. And oh, how I caved.)

So, you got that? Buy Quiet City postcards between now and Tuesday, and you'll get one more QC postcard plus two more pieces of stationery FOR FREE.

And whoa, there's more! If you buy a set of my postcards, you'll get three more Quiet City postcards and three pieces of stationery from my personal collection.

Don't forget! Place your orders on or before October 14 to take advantage of all of this free stuff! And tell all your friends! Because we should all be writing more notes and letters with our hands to the people we care about.

(Please pardon all of the exclamation marks. I should be sleeping but I just ate three popsicles.)

xoxo Courtney Quiet City

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Michael said...

Hey courtney! Its michael lecomte. Its awesome that your store is doing well. I loved the set of postcards and all the extra fun stuff! Got it very fast! I've got to learn to let go of some of it now so I can get another set off of you! Take care and stay well!