Monday, October 13, 2008

In the spirit of the Halloween season

There's a spider who lives on the outside of the window in my studio. She's quite plump and she builds an enormous web that takes up almost all of the upper pane. My son is fascinated by her, and will point and repeat "Bug! Bug!" when we walk by the window. There are a few other spiders who live in the window and out on the bushes, and those are interesting too, but none are as big as the one who owns the top pane:


Close up because, whoa!

One day there was a spider fight, and we never saw that smaller spider again... but the big one only has seven legs now, so you can probably imagine how intense it was.

I really love Halloween and it's just a couple weeks away now. This spider would like to wish you a happy Halloween with her sweet seasonal imagery:

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The Ebon Swan said...

Beautiful blog you have here. :) I like the soft, mellow tones to it. Though the spider...spiders and I don't get along...LOL

13moons said...

Great spider pictures against the sunset.
I like your son's reaction to it. I think if you approach things with your child with wonder, then they will react the same, instead of being disgusted or afraid.