Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the sky yesterday

Yesterday was dark, gray and snowy. I had the blinds open in the kitchen as I gave my son his snack. I looked out the window to the grayness I expected. A minute later, the kitchen seemed brighter and I glanced up again to see pink in the clouds. Upon further inspection I found this:



As with the last photos I posted of the sky, these have not been altered in any way aside from sizing for the blog. The images you see are exactly as they happened in the sky. Holy moly, right?


Najla said...

Holy moly is right! How utterly fantastic! That is the most beautiful sunset I've seen and I thank you for capturing it. I love your zest for life and how you take the time to find the beauty in every day things most take for granted. You, sweet one, take nothing for granted. Thank you for that! xo

Lily R. said...

Those beautiful photographs lit up the space around me! Wow and thank you for sharing such wonderment.
I also love your creations. If I had the money I'd buy from you, but I can't at the moment. Someday, though!

Cut Copy Create said...

awww these are beautiful! really atmospheric!

Nicole said...

just beautiful and as natural as it comes