Monday, December 1, 2008

too much

Headaches don't subside when all you can think about is your headache. And when you are hosting your family's Thanksgiving dinner for the first time ever, and you've never cooked for more than four people at a time.

This week has been intense but now I get to sit and breathe. But only while paint is drying on a canvas next to me, because the art show at Captive Elements is in two weeks and WHOA.

I just put my boxes of candy up in the cabinet so I would stop eating them while I wait. This is no time for excess, as the November holiday has just passed, and ninety per cent of the leftovers found their way to my fridge. This has never happened before as I was always a guest. With my belly still feeling full of cranberry relish, mashed potatoes, honey glazed carrots, steamed broccoli, rosemary bread, vegetarian shepherd's pie and three varieties of dessert pie, there's no room for candy- especially since I went to a movie over the weekend with my brother, sister, and her husband, where we ate a lot of it.

Speaking of excess, the movie we saw was Twilight. Why is this excessive? Because I am twenty-six years old and I actually liked it. More than what feels right. My cheeks redden at the thought. It's just too much.

My excuse: I still remember very tenderly my early and middle teen years and the vampire stories I was writing by hand in spiral bound notebooks instead of doing my homework. I didn't realize how vividly I remembered that time until I saw the movie.

Oh, excess! Oh, blood and immortality!

Onto business: I am fresh out of decoupaged tree ornaments, so I'll be making more this week using maps and books and canceled postage stamps. My hands itch in anticipation, although I am quite excited about the show and the work I am completing beforehand.

Also exciting: matt pond PA has released a free EP that you can download on their newly-redesigned website. Please hear it.

Paint's dry, or dry enough. Please forgive my randomness but I had to do something other than eat the candy. I wish you a happy December. IT'S DECEMBER!

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